08 October 2006

We Looked At ANOTHER House . . .

Not just ANY house, mind you - - this is a very special house.

Let me back up and explain a bit . . .

A couple of years ago, before we had our house plans drawn up, Dear Hubby drove me by this red brick ranch style house, and told me, "This is how I picture the outside of our house looking." Red brick, white trim, and a BIG yard.

Now fast-forward a couple of years - -

This morning in the paper we saw that this same house was for sale, and there was an Open House this afternoon. Curiousity got the best of us, and we decided to see what this house looked like on the inside - - to see if it matched up in any way to the plans we have drawn up for our house.

Oh my . . . . . this is one nice house. Built solid, large rooms, full basement, 2 outbuildings (just like Dear Hubby was wanting), and 5 acres of property.

We looked around for about 30 minutes, and then left. We went to Dairy Queen and just sat there looking at each other. Finally, we decided to take a second look, and came back to the house for another look-see.

It looked even better to us the second time. This place is awesome - - and very much like the layout in our house plans.

NOW what to do? Do we consider making an offer? Do we say, "Forget it" and keep looking for a lot to build on?

I'm not goona sleep very much tonight . . . . . *sigh*

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