17 October 2006


I went to the bank today to drop off the rest of the paperwork we had forgotten to submit.

While I was there, Pam took me in to her office, and said she wanted to get Steve on the phone so he could also talk with us - - she wanted to give us the news at the same time.

Oh God - - there goes my stomach . . .

But it was okay - - she told us our financing was approved, and she was moving ahead with the contract.

It was okay.

It was really OKAY!

Pam hung up the phone, and asked me if I felt better now - -

And then immediately reached for the box of Kleenex behind her, because I just burst into tears and cried like a baby. The relief was so great - - and I just COULD. NOT. STOP. CRYING.

How embarrassing - - I'm just totally pathetic.

Once I finally mopped up all the tears, apologizing the whole time, I thanked her for all her help and hard work, and how much we appreciated her. Then I left her office and headed out to the parking lot.

Once I was outside, I got on the cell phone and called Steve. I asked him how he felt, and he said he felt GREAT. He asked me how I was doing - - and right there - - in the middle of the parking lot - - in front of all those people - - I just burst into tears again.

Once I finally made it into the Jeep, and got off the call to Steve, I just sat there and had a good cry and got it all out of my system - - and then FINALLY headed back to work.

PATHETIC, I'm tellin' ya . . . there is NO hope for me!

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