30 December 2007

A Year Ago . . .

We listed the house a year ago this weekend.

One year ago.

It's still on the market.

It's very frustrating . . . it's a beautiful house, and it's still not sold.

One year.

Our agent and us have all heavily marketed it. We have dropped the price NUMEROUS times. We have maintained it and kept it up to make sure it always looks its best for anyone it is shown to.

We really don't know what else to do.

And have you noticed - - any time you are having a problem, suddenly everyone on the planet has to weigh in on it?

YES - - we know that the housing market is bad. Everyone in the whole damn media market makes it their civic duty to make sure we don't forget it.

YES - - we know that it is a buyer's market, thanks again to the media.

NO - - we have not considered renting it instead of selling it.

NO - - we are NOT considering changing realtors. The agency we are signed with is a large, reputable firm with a good standing in the community. Our agent is a very hard-working and honest person, and we are comfortable dealing with her. It is not her fault that the market is the way it is - - don't blame her, blame the media. And the government.

And NO - - we have not considered dropping our agent and trying to sell it ourselves. We don't have the time, or the patience, for that. We do not feel like doing all our own marketing, beating the bushes for buyers, holding our own open houses, dealing with lawyers and inspectors and the like.

NO, NO, NO. That is why we have an agent.

I know you all mean well, but really all you are doing is adding to our stress level, and believe me, that is high enough already!

PLEASE give us credit for having some common sense, and believe that we are trying our best to get through this situation. We are not stupid people. We need your support, not your criticism.