14 October 2006

Tractor Time

We spent the day traveling the area looking for a tractor for the 5 acres we will have to mow now - - Steve is seriously considering a New Holland, because they are durable and real work horses.

Got up at 5 AM, got ready, and hit the road.

First stop was Shelbyville, where we spent a solid hour talking with a salesman I just could not "cotton" to AT ALL - - something about him that was not setting right with me. So we left there and headed up to Arthur to check on the price of having a king size bed made for our new bedroom, and then to Tuscola to make a quick stop at the Amish Mall and look at a dining room set that we both dearly love.

Then it was on the road again heading to Urbana to another dealer. This guy was pretty okay, but he didn't really have the style of tractor Steve is looking for. But at least we were able to have lunch at our favorite place - - Li'l Porgy's BBQ!! They are the best.

Next stop was Atlanta, which is over by Bloomington, and about an hour from Urbana. We are both very glad we went there, because the gentleman we dealt with turned out to be the owner of the company, and a very decent guy. We both liked him right off. He has the tractor model Steve was looking for, and shot us what we consider a very good deal. We will DEFINITELY give this one some serious thought.

He ALSO cleared up some of the strange feeling I had about the first salesman in Shelbyville - - when I mentioned to him some of the things he told us, they turned out to not only be WRONG, but possibly ILLEGAL! Glad I listened to my instincts about that guy . . .

But now we are finally home, after 12 hours on the road, and I'm tired. Beddy-bye time for me . . . *yawn*

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