24 October 2006

Another Update

Tomorrow Dear Hubby is meeting our Realton and going to the house to meet with the seller one more time. He wants to know about the whole house water softener, and the well pump, and a few other things he has questions about.

Our Realtor has agreed to go with him and "run interference" so that it is a SHORT visit this time!

Good luck, guys - - for once, I'm glad to be at the office! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz !
This is cookie from OFK.
Love your blog !
And good on you for sticking up to the vendor - you don't need all that extra hassle of her staying on, storing junk and having her horses there. It will be YOUR place after the 10th so bugger her !!!
It's all very exciting and no doubt lots of stress but it will all be worth it when you are into your own place finally.
Big hugs.