21 December 2006

On The Market - - Finally!

Our realtor, Carol, came over this evening with all the papers for us to sign to get the old house listed on the market.

Finally - - after all the yard cleanup from the ice storm, the cleaning, painting, and carpet steaming . . . the house is listed.

Keep your fingers crossed!

23 November 2006

Moving Day Is Here!

Well, tomorrow is Moving Day.


I'm posting a quick note here before we get the computer all broken down and packed up. It may be awhile before we get things all set up and situated and I can post again. Maybe on my lunch hour or after work I can try to grab some computer time, but it's gonna be spotty at best until things get lined out.

Wish us luck!

18 November 2006

Painting, Painting, and MORE Painting . . .

My sister-in-law and I have spent quite a bit of time together today . . . Debbie came down and helped me paint the Living Room and the Master Bedroom.

Believe me, that was a LOT of painting! The Living Room is 14x30 feet, and the Master Bedroom is approximately 16x16 feet.


The Living Room was painted a nice rosy mauve color, which will go very well with all our furniture from the old house, which runs more towards the rose and burgundy colors. The Master Bedroom is now a very nice "Apple Blossom" color, kind of a rosy peach color, and will NOT go with any of my comforters or bedspreads. Oh well - - I've been ready for a change!

We met at the house around 9:00 a.m., and it was after dark when we were finally finished and she headed back home. I'm exhausted.

But the rooms look MAH-VELOUS - - SIMPLY MAH-VELOUS!

Thanks for all the help, Debbie! I appreciate you so much!

10 November 2006

It's Ours!!

The closing went very smoothly, and it's OVER and DONE - - and the house is now officially OURS!!


Now the real fun begins . . . *sigh*

Closing Day

Well, today is the day - - Dear Hubby and I need to be at the title company at 4:00 p.m. today.

It's gonna be a LONG day - -

09 November 2006

It's Getting Closer!

I drove by the new house today on my lunch hour. There was a BIG moving truck backed up in the driveway . . .

Oh wow - - it's really happening . . .

I'm nervous, scared, excited, and sick to my stomach all at the same time!

08 November 2006

MORE Painting

Dear Hubby and I took this afternoon off work - - to come home and work.

(What is wrong with this picture???)

We spent the afternoon trying to finish up some painting on the front of the house that needed finished - - barely got done, because of all the company we had . . . First was a company Steve had called to give us an estimate on replacing the guttering on the house. Then our Realtor stopped by for a walk-through of the house and the grounds. Then another company with another estimate for guttering. We barely got finished with the painting we needed to do before it got dark (stupid time change!) . . .

ANYWAY - - we need to just put primer on one last part of the front of the house, and then finish it up with the same color that is on the rest of the front.

I certainly hope we can get that done before the next cold spell - - after all, this IS Central Illinois, and it IS November . . .

Wish us luck!

06 November 2006


My whole body hurts.

We have been putting in LOTS of hours working in the yard (all kinds of LEAVES - - stupid trees!). We have raked, and mowed, and bagged, and sown grass seed, and spread hay over the new grass seed . . .

And that was just on Saturday.

Sunday was the day for painting outside trim on the house. Dear Hubby put up the brick molding around the new slider door, so we had to paint it to match the rest of the house trim. So, as long as we had the paint out, might as well touch up the rest of the trim, right?

So - - MANY HOURS LATER - - I'm tired, my legs are cramped from climbing up and down a ladder, my hand is cramped from hanging on to the paintbrush for so long, and I am COVERED in paint.

I'm NOT a neat painter - - not by any means!

Last night I had to take some extra-strength aspirin before bed, so the aches and pains wouldn't keep me awake all night. I'm taking LOTS MORE of it today . . .

But it will be worth in in the long run - - once the house is put on the market and is looking GOOD! :-)

29 October 2006

Preparing for Market

We are putting lots of work into getting our current house ready to put up for sale. The new roof was put on Thursday and Friday (the old roof was about 30 years old!), and we are getting ready to powerwash the outside and get the patio and formal garden all cleaned up and winterized. Dear Hubby mowed both lots today and bagged up leaves; the yard looks GREAT! I spent time today pulling old dead plants out of the planters and emptying the dirt out so we can take them with us to the new place. Don't know if - - or where - - I will have a garden at the new house. If I don't use the planters, they will make a welcome addition to my yard sale next Spring!

Yesterday we spent the entire day pulling the old French door unit out of the dining room and installing a new sliding glass door. The old door had rotted through on the bottom, due to the fact that when we bought the house 11 years ago, there had been a deck and a deck bench right outside that door; rain and wet leaves fell between the door and the deck bench, and over the years, it rotted. We did not want to do a "quick fix" and sell something that was sub-standard. That is what happened to US when we bought this place, and we will not do that to someone else!

This week will be busy with more sorting, packing, painting - - *sigh* - - I'm getting worn out just thinking about it!

But closing is now less than 2 weeks away, and we need to be able to move out of here as quickly as possible, and get this place sold. My stress level is going to be extra high until we do - - only then will I start to calm down and think that everything actually will be okay.

24 October 2006

Another Update

Tomorrow Dear Hubby is meeting our Realton and going to the house to meet with the seller one more time. He wants to know about the whole house water softener, and the well pump, and a few other things he has questions about.

Our Realtor has agreed to go with him and "run interference" so that it is a SHORT visit this time!

Good luck, guys - - for once, I'm glad to be at the office! :-)

18 October 2006

The Seller

We had asked our Realtor, Carol, if there was any way we could get in to the new house for a brief time to do some measuring in the kitchen and laundry room, since we needed to buy a new refrigerator and washer/dryer. She called us back and told us a time had been set up for today at 5:30 p.m. She said she didn't think the seller would be there, which was fine - - we just needed about 15 minutes or so to measure a couple of things, maybe refresh our memories about wall colors in a couple of rooms, and then leave.

No problem, right? Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

When we got there, the seller was there. She seemed like a nice enough person, but after some talking, we could tell there was something not quite right about this situation.

Our realtor had told us previously that it was best for the Realtors to handle any exchange of information during a transaction, because that helped to keep the "emotion" out of things.

She was SO right. This lady had LOTS of emotion about the whole thing. And LOTS of things to say. What should have taken no more than 15-20 minutes wound up takine almost 90 minutes. WE COULD NOT GET AWAY - - even our Realtor was having difficulty getting us out of there. We were trying to be nice, and polite, and not offend in any way, which is VERY wearing on a person after a while.

One thing we noticed as a potential problem - - they have 2 horses, which belong to her daughter, who will be leaving for college next Spring. She will be going to either SIU or ISU, and has not decided which yet. If she goes to SIU, she has nowhere to board the horses, and Carbondale is so far away, and this is such a GOOD setup for horses . . . and if she goes to ISU, she has an uncle and aunt who live up there and own a farm where the horses could be stabled, but then she would have to work on the farm to pay for the board, and she just wasn't sure if she wanted to do that, and THIS PLACE was such a GOOD SETUP FOR HORSES - - and on and on and on.

Sorry, lady - - the horses are going - - going - - gone.

NO boarding for horses at my place. Nope. No way. No how.


THEN - - (yes, there's more) - - she was talking about trying to get everything moved out to Nebraska, and her husband just got moved in to an apartment out there, and had just returned their travel trailer that he had been living in (since JULY?????) - - and if for some reason she didn't have everything ready to go by the closing date, she could just live in the travel trailer for a few days.

Ummm - - lady, where did you intend to hook that trailer up? And - - if you don't have everything ready to move by November 10th, where did you intend to have it stored away until it was moved?


Sorry - - no horses, no storage, no squatters in my driveway.

Nope. No way. No how.



Why do things things happen to us?????

Oh well - - let's see what November 10 brings . . .

17 October 2006


I went to the bank today to drop off the rest of the paperwork we had forgotten to submit.

While I was there, Pam took me in to her office, and said she wanted to get Steve on the phone so he could also talk with us - - she wanted to give us the news at the same time.

Oh God - - there goes my stomach . . .

But it was okay - - she told us our financing was approved, and she was moving ahead with the contract.

It was okay.

It was really OKAY!

Pam hung up the phone, and asked me if I felt better now - -

And then immediately reached for the box of Kleenex behind her, because I just burst into tears and cried like a baby. The relief was so great - - and I just COULD. NOT. STOP. CRYING.

How embarrassing - - I'm just totally pathetic.

Once I finally mopped up all the tears, apologizing the whole time, I thanked her for all her help and hard work, and how much we appreciated her. Then I left her office and headed out to the parking lot.

Once I was outside, I got on the cell phone and called Steve. I asked him how he felt, and he said he felt GREAT. He asked me how I was doing - - and right there - - in the middle of the parking lot - - in front of all those people - - I just burst into tears again.

Once I finally made it into the Jeep, and got off the call to Steve, I just sat there and had a good cry and got it all out of my system - - and then FINALLY headed back to work.

PATHETIC, I'm tellin' ya . . . there is NO hope for me!

16 October 2006

Drowning In Paper!

Last night I sat up late and completed the paperwork for the bank. Thought I would NEVER get it all done!

They want everything but signed in blood and promise your first born . . .

But it's done, and we dropped it off to the bank today. The lady we are working with, Pam, is a super lady, and we really like dealing with her.

But now is the hard part - - WAITING - - and hoping for the best.

We also were able to meet with our realtor for lunch, and it was lots of fun! She is also a super lady. Dear Hubby Steve and I are very lucky to have such good people working on our behalf!

Hope we hear something soon . . .

14 October 2006

Tractor Time

We spent the day traveling the area looking for a tractor for the 5 acres we will have to mow now - - Steve is seriously considering a New Holland, because they are durable and real work horses.

Got up at 5 AM, got ready, and hit the road.

First stop was Shelbyville, where we spent a solid hour talking with a salesman I just could not "cotton" to AT ALL - - something about him that was not setting right with me. So we left there and headed up to Arthur to check on the price of having a king size bed made for our new bedroom, and then to Tuscola to make a quick stop at the Amish Mall and look at a dining room set that we both dearly love.

Then it was on the road again heading to Urbana to another dealer. This guy was pretty okay, but he didn't really have the style of tractor Steve is looking for. But at least we were able to have lunch at our favorite place - - Li'l Porgy's BBQ!! They are the best.

Next stop was Atlanta, which is over by Bloomington, and about an hour from Urbana. We are both very glad we went there, because the gentleman we dealt with turned out to be the owner of the company, and a very decent guy. We both liked him right off. He has the tractor model Steve was looking for, and shot us what we consider a very good deal. We will DEFINITELY give this one some serious thought.

He ALSO cleared up some of the strange feeling I had about the first salesman in Shelbyville - - when I mentioned to him some of the things he told us, they turned out to not only be WRONG, but possibly ILLEGAL! Glad I listened to my instincts about that guy . . .

But now we are finally home, after 12 hours on the road, and I'm tired. Beddy-bye time for me . . . *yawn*

11 October 2006

We Got It!

Just as I got out of my meeting at 9 AM, my phone rang - - it was Linda, telling me the sellers had accepted our offer.

Oh my - - I think we just bought a house . . . .

Now I'm so relieved, I'm ready for a nap! But the boss may frown upon my crawling under my desk and sleeping . . . :-)

Can't wait to tell Hubby!

10 October 2006

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part . . .

We met with Linda at 3:15 PM and decided on what we were going to offer for the house. It seems that there has also been another contract drawn up, and both contracts were going to be presented to the seller this afternoon. Dear Hubby and I discussed what we felt our "best offer" should be, because that is what it will take to attract the seller to our contract. Linda said she would contact us as soon as she knew anything.

About 9 PM the phone rang. It was Linda, telling us the seller had decided to work with our contract. HOWEVER, the seller had made a counter-offer higher than our bid.

Hubby went ballistic.*

He told Linda that she had counseled us to make our BEST offer right up front, and that is what we had done. He said the seller could accept our offer, or not, it made no difference to him. Our "best offer" was just that, and he was sticking with it.

He was pretty "incensed" . . .

Linda told us she would inform the seller's realtor of this and let us now when she heard anything more.

Around 9:30 PM the phone rang. It was Linda, saying the sellers wanted to think about it overnight. Steve said that was fine, that they could think for the next couple of days if they wanted to (told you he was "incensed!")

SO - - here we go with ANOTHER sleepless night - - and I have to go to work tomorrow . . . *sigh*

*There is a good reason why Dear Hubby reacted the way he did - - but that is a long story, and a post all its own. I'll have to post that one later - - right now I'm tired, and I'm going to bed.

Made An Offer!

I was out running errands this morning when my phone rang around 10 AM. It was Linda, and associate of our realtor, calling to set up an appointment to meet with us this afternoon about the house. We are to meet at 3:15 PM at her office.

NOW I'm REALLY nervous!

09 October 2006


Well, we have made a decision - - we are going to make an offer for the house!

We called our realtor this evening, and she is out of town for the week at a conference. But, she is going to call an associate at her office and ask her to help get us started on the process. She is to contact us tomorrow morning.

I'm not gonna sleep very well tonight, I can already tell . . . . .

LOTS of Thinking Going On . . .

I didn't sleep very well last night, and it shows today - - I'm walking around like a zombie.

Dear Hubby had to work today, but campus is closed for Columbus Day today, so I'm off work. Good thing, too, because I'm not navigating very well.

That house was going round and round in my head all night last night . . . I know Steve didn't sleep very well either - - he was pretty restless, too.

We need to have a LONG talk when he gets home this evening. The more I think about that house, the more living there appeals to me . . . from the first moment I walked in the front door, I felt as if I had come home.

I hope he felt something, too - - he will be home soon, and I'll find out.

08 October 2006

We Looked At ANOTHER House . . .

Not just ANY house, mind you - - this is a very special house.

Let me back up and explain a bit . . .

A couple of years ago, before we had our house plans drawn up, Dear Hubby drove me by this red brick ranch style house, and told me, "This is how I picture the outside of our house looking." Red brick, white trim, and a BIG yard.

Now fast-forward a couple of years - -

This morning in the paper we saw that this same house was for sale, and there was an Open House this afternoon. Curiousity got the best of us, and we decided to see what this house looked like on the inside - - to see if it matched up in any way to the plans we have drawn up for our house.

Oh my . . . . . this is one nice house. Built solid, large rooms, full basement, 2 outbuildings (just like Dear Hubby was wanting), and 5 acres of property.

We looked around for about 30 minutes, and then left. We went to Dairy Queen and just sat there looking at each other. Finally, we decided to take a second look, and came back to the house for another look-see.

It looked even better to us the second time. This place is awesome - - and very much like the layout in our house plans.

NOW what to do? Do we consider making an offer? Do we say, "Forget it" and keep looking for a lot to build on?

I'm not goona sleep very much tonight . . . . . *sigh*

13 September 2006

We Looked At A House . . .

No, we have not changed our minds about building. But when a house such as this comes along, we would be foolish not to check it out. So check it out we did.

It was a gorgeous house - - 7 acres, partially wooded; approximately 3,100 sq. ft. of living space with the main level and lower level areas. It was built as a showcase home for a carpenter who wanted to run his business out of the home. GORGEOUS kitchen with solid (2" thick) granite countertops. All appliances stayed, along with a big screen TV and full house stereo system. It was worth A LOT of money - - a lot more than they were asking.

So we made an offer. I THINK - - but I'm not SURE - - that our offer was turned down.

I say this because neither the listing agent OR the lawyer handling the house (it was part of a bankruptcy settlement) gave us the professional courtesy of a response.


Maybe our offer isn't what they were looking for - -

BUT - -

Our offer of $250,000 is not small chunk of change - -


Even a "No" would be okay . . .

I hate unprofessionalism. I'm angry.

And I am NOT done with this - - someone WILL be hearing about it.


07 June 2006

Not Much New Yet . . .

There are a couple more lots we have noticed that we are having our realtor check on for us, but that's about it for now.

If anything comes of ANY of these lots we are looking at, I'll let ya know . . .


29 May 2006

Hey . . .

When we FINALLY get our new house built . . .

And we FINALLY get to put our current house up on the market . . .

I'm hoping ~this~ will be one of the selling points . . . . .

21 May 2006

Nothing To Report

That's why there hasn't been a blog entry for the past couple of months - - there is literally nothing to report at the moment.

We are just hanging in there, keeping in touch with our realtor, looking at lots - - we do have a couple of "possibilities", but so far nothing firmed up.

As soon as anything at all happens, I will post it here.

Sorry for the 'down time' . . .

29 March 2006

Interesting Information

We had to have the furnace worked on today - - it was misfiring quite a bit, and we thought the igniter was going our again (it has happened a couple of times before). But fortunately it wasn't. Some of the jets were misfiring because they needed cleaning. So the Air King guy came out and gave the whole unti a good once-over, and it's working like a charm - - just in time for it to get up in the 70's today and we don't need it! But that's okay - - at least we know it's all in good shape.

While the HVAC guy was there, Dear Hubby talked with him about different types of systems for new home construction. We had been seriously looking at a geo-thermal system, which cost quite a bit more upfront, but was supposed to be so efficient and cost-effective that it would pay for itself in 3-5 years.

WELL - - seems like that is not quite the case . . .

The first thing the guy asked Steve was what kind of back-up system he planned on installing.

Back-up system??? What for?

THEN the guy told him that he, and anyone else he had talked with over the past few years, had to have a back-up system installed, because the geo-thermal system by itself could not keep up with the heating needs of a house. In fact, even though we have had a fairly mild winter with fairly mild temps, he had to constantly run his back-up system,. If he didn't, his house temperature would drop to the mid-50's!

Hmmmmm - - doesn't sound good to me.

AND - - in our area, there are only approximately 18 homes that have geo-thermal systems. NOW - - if they were so good, why don't more people consider them? Good food for thought.

So they discussed other HVAC systems, and the pros and cons of each.

Thanks to this guy, we have a LOT more information to store away for building time.

Thanks, Paul! And Thanks, Air King, for taking care of us one more time! :-)

26 March 2006

STILL On the Market . . .

Remember the house we looked at about a month ago? The one decorated like Steak 'n' Shake? That they wanted $179,000 for?

And then 2 weeks later there was another Open House, and the price had dropped all the way (heh!) down to $169,000?

Well, there was ANOTHER Open House today at that house, and the price has dropped again - - to $164,000.


We'll STILL pass . . .

23 March 2006

Lot Update

We met with our realtor for supper tonight, and had a great time! She is such a good, nice person, we have known her for many years, and we all have a great time together.

We gave her a reduced-down copy of our house plans, and asked her to please go back and talk to the folks who owned the Summit Street property, so that they would know who is interested in the lot, what we are intending to build, and give them some information about what kind of people we are (yes, we ARE good people - - a little bit loony sometimes, but harmless!)

I can understand how they might feel - - they do not know us, or anything about us, and I would abe just as uneasy as they are about selling to someone sight unseen and maybe get stuck with the worst neighbors in the world.

We also talked with her about another addition right on the south edge of town. There are 26 acres available, and they are wanting to split it and sell lots. It's not too far from the property we looked at last weekend, and it's nice property. Some wooded areas to it, lots of deer to see, and it not only fairly private and quiet, but it's close enough to town to get to everything we need to easily.

SO - - things are looking up a little - - even though we will not be building now until NEXT Spring, at least we are still on the way . . . .

Keep ya posted . . .

19 March 2006


Dear Hubby saw an open house in the paper in a neighborhood not far from where he grew up. It advertised a large ranch house, 2 big garages, and approximately 5 acres of land, part of it wooded. It was located right on the edge of town.

SO - - we decided to go have a look-see.

What a disappointment . . .

When we first pulled up, it looked pretty nice - - lots of trees, wooded area across the back of the lot, and big house and garages.

Then we really started looking things over.


The house was laid out okay, I guess - - but the trim and woodwork in the rooms did not match. I mean did not match even in the same room! The hardwood floors were in pretty sad shape and in need of a great deal of TLC.

In the "Master Suite" (yeah right) - - you could tell the previous tenants had a waterbed, because the subflooring was in the middle of the room, and the hardwood flooring had been laid up to the bed pedestal.


Can we say PATHETIC????

One thing we really did like, though, was the large sunporch on the back. It overlooked the back lot and the wooded area. The realtor told us that back in the trees was a natural salt spring, and the deer just flocked to it, and there were always deer around. Now that would be really cool - - sitting out on the sunporch, curled up in a big ol' comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and a kittycat or two, watching the deer walk through the treeline. *sigh*

We started to go out the side door, and was told it didn't work properly and needed to stay locked shut.

Ooooo - kayyyyyyy - -

SO we found another door to go out of, and decided to check out the yard and garages.

What a MESS!

The yard had all kinds of debris and broken yard sculpture laying around. It was really JUNKY.

Inside the first garage was no better - - they had all kinds of "stuff" crammed in there to the point that you could hardly walk around.

AND - - another "surprise" - - the realtor had mentioned to us to be careful walking around the garage, because there was about a one foot difference in the floor height between the 2 bays.

Excuse me??? WHY was there a one foot step down (or up, depending on which direction you were walking) between the bays?

Dear Hubby said it was probably to accommodate a taller vehicle.


Instead of putting YOURSELF and ANYONE ELSE in danger of falling and possibly breaking something when you or they land on a concrete floor (which is not known for its softness, by the way), why not (bright idea here) PUT IN A TALLER DOOR?????


Oh well - -

We went to the other garage, and it was locked up tight. No way of looking in that one. The realtor mentioned they had a lot of "junk" stored in it. (Like the first garage DIDN'T????)

So we walked around the yard some more, and the more we did, the more depressing it got. SO junky!!

NOW - - here's the GOOD part - -

The asking price for all this - - are you ready???

All this and more could be OURS - - ALL OURS - - for the low, low price of $189,000.

Yeah, you read that right.


If I were going to be asking that much "green" for MY house and MY property . . . you can be DAMN sure I would clean it up, and have the JUNK stored somewhere else (OFF SITE!), and have the FLOORING IN THE BEDROOM COMPLETED, and have the woodwork and trim in each room MATCH, and CLEAN UP THE DAMN YARD!

What are people thinking?????

It was a beautiful lot, and a GREAT location, but the house, garages, and grounds would have taken at least an additional $100,000 to bring it all up to specs!


Think we'll pass.

06 March 2006

Small Update

Had a chance to talk with our realtor today. She has still not been able to find out anything on those lots we have been wondering about. Apparently when they are held in a bank trust, it's really difficult to find out exactly who to contact. But she may be on to something, and hopefully will have something to tell us later this week.

Also, Dear Hubby is going to stop by the County Recorder of Deeds office and see if he can track down any info by address or tract number . . .

Wish us luck - - keep ya posted.

05 March 2006

Still On the Market . . .

Dear Hubby Steve saw in the paper this morning that there was another Open House at the one we looked at a couple of weeks ago.

Also, the price has dropped from $174,000 to $169,000.


Think we'll pass . . .

13 February 2006

Sometimes You Just Can't Go Back . . .

We found THAT out yesterday - -

Dear Hubby Steve saw a house for sale in the Sunday paper that we had looked at about 11 years ago, before we bought our present home. I totally fell in love with the house! It was located right at the edge of town, so it had city water (a definite plus!), was on a 1.2 acre lot, was all brick exterior, and had been build by a house builder for himself. As I walked through the house, I was instantly charmed by it! Not only by the quality of work, but the people selling it had a definite sense of color sceme. The walls, woodwork, everything - - just seemed to exude a "warmth" that was very comforting. We walked downstairs to the "Rec Room" area, and it was the same warm feeling - - wood accents, wood-burning fireplace - - it just seemed to radiate a feeling of "home" and "comfort" to us.

HOWEVER - - the couple selling it was really - - um - - "strange", I guess would be a good word for them. It became very obvious real soon that the husband did NOT want to sell and move. The WIFE, however - - was determined that they most definitely WERE moving, and that he could just shup his mouth and accept it!

That, and the fact that they were asking $129,000 for it (remember, this was 11 years ago, and it was NOT worth that much at that time - - not around these parts, at least) - - made for a *very* uncomfortable situation we had found ourselves in - - and it didn't help any when Hubby told them that other houses in the area were going for $100,000 or less, and that we could not consider paying more than $100,000 for a house - - ANY house - - that our budget wouldn't allow it.

S) - - we politely excused ourselves and wended out way back home.

We talked to our realtor and told her what we had encoutered and our feeling about the house. We also told her that we felt it was not worth the asking price. She agreed, but said she felt they would be willing to deal. So we discussed it, and decided that our offer would be $89,900, which we felt was more than fair. Sure, the majority of the house was in great condition - - bricks were tight with no tuckpointing needed, indoors was ready to move in to, but we had to take into consideration that we would have to do some roof repair, and run heat to the enclosed front porch, and Dear Hubby wanted to have a big outbuilding for his car "stuff". Our realtor agreed that it was a fair price, and arranged to meet with the couple to discuss it.

So our realtor met with them and gave our offer.

She was met with dead silence.

AND a deafening GLARE from the wife.

Who proceeded to ream our realtor with no mercy.

And claimed that Dear Hubby had actually OFFERED them $100,000 for the house the day we looked at it, and was now not willing to keep that part of the "bargain" . . .


I could have sworn I was with him that day, in that same house, with that same couple.

What "BARGAIN"?!?!?!?!?????

I don't remember any "BARGAIN"!!!!!!!

Our realtor gave us a call when she left them. From her tone of voice, we could tell she was still reeling. She asked us why we had not warned her that we had discussed a price with the couple before she went over there.

WELL - - maybe it's because we had NOT discussed a price with them.

To us, mentioning that other houses similar to theirs were in that price range, which is the most we could even cosider for a house - - ANY house - - was not "discussing a price" with them, or in any way did it resemble a "bargain" - -

These people were NUTS!

Well, we didn't pursue THAT house anymore . . . . *sigh*

They had that house on the market almost another year! And what was the price they FINALLY sold it for?


Yup - - that's right - - $100,000.

NOT the $129,000 they (or I should say, the WIFE) was insistent upon getting.

By that time we had already bought our present home.

BUT - - here it was - - on the market again - -

WELL - - let's just see what it looks like now.

We walked in to the kitchen area, and it had all been redecorated. All white and stainless steel. Very cold . . .

We walked through the rest of the house. ALL the walls, the woodwork, EVERYTHING - - was painted white. Stark. Plain. White. EVERYTHING.

Very cold.

The enclosed front porch had been opened up to be a part of the rest of the house, and had heat and ceiling fans and was decorated really nicely! I knew it would be a good idea to do that - -

But it was also painted white. Totally. White.

All the carpet was off-white - -

There was not "warmth" in the house anywhere! *shudder*

SO we decided to head downstairs to the "Rec Room" area, which the realtor lady was prattling on about it being the "Showcase of the WHOLE HOUSE" - -

And it was painted WHITE. With 45 records nailed to the walls. And a black & white "Steak 'n' Shake" type of floor.

And white speckled countertop.

White kitchen.

White walls. White trim.


I just wanted to get out of there.

We managed to laugh about it a little later - - once the SHOCK had worn off!

Oh, and now the asking for that house is $174,000 - - and considering I would have to pry 45 records OFF the walls - - and tear up the Steak 'n' Shake floor, and replace ALL the trim in the WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE with wood trim, and repaint the WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE - - that is, AFTER steaming off all the wallpaper cutouts they plastered up as "border" by the ceiling (in a "woodsy", moose and bear theme . . . *sheesh*) - -

We have decided to pass on it.

Sometimes you just can't go back - - *sigh*

01 February 2006

A Hopeful Sign

Well, Dear Hubby spoke to his housebuilding acquaintance, Larry, last night. Larry is very excited about the prospect of building the house for us. He is going to get back with us by the weekend so we can start talking figures and numbers and seeing what it will take.

We are definitely looking at Plan B - - being our own General Contractor, and Plan C - - selling our house and the extra lot, and buying a lot in another location.

So we are considering this a hopeful sign - - and we sure needed one!

Keep ya posted . . . . .

29 January 2006

Another Disappointment . . .

We had the next contractor come by with his bid Saturday morning . . .

and it was even higher than the first too-high bid we got!

Y'know - - if this house was a big fancy thing with lots of roof cutaways and house angles and lots of other high-end stuff, I could understand some of these prices we have been quoted.

But it's a straight ranch house. With a straight roof.

No cut-aways, no angles, no fancy "stuff" anywhere - -

It's a BOX with a ROOF on it, for God's sake!!!!!

I can NOT believe that these people expect us to want to even CONSIDER paying over $350,000 for a 2700 sq. ft. BOX with a ROOF on it!!

They are on drugs - - they MUST be - - that's the only explanation I can think of . . . *sigh*

And then they sit there and tell us that the housing construction market in Central Illinois is so slow - -




Okay - - I've vented - - I feel better - -

Not really, but I'll keep telling myself that until it's true! *laugh*

However - - on a GOOD note - -

Dear Hubby Steve met with our realtor Saturday morning and took her around the area we have been checking out for lots. She now has a very clear idea what we are looking for, AND - - she does have a lead on a contact for one of the lots. So y'all keep your fingers crossed - - once we get the lot, we can move forward with some other things.

ALSO - - Steve called his long-time house-builder friend this evening and left a message for him to call us. It looks as if we are going to have to implement "PLAN B" - - buying a different lot and selling our current house and extra lot, AND "PLAN C" - - being our own General Contractor.

Sure, it would be much easier to pay someone else to do that for us, but we see how THAT is playing out. So even though this way means much more "sweat equity" on our part, in the long run it will be worth it.

Steve and I can do it - - we actually CAN work together on a big project and not want to kill each other! I know that sounds too good to be true, but it is.

I'm not saying there won't be times that things will be a bit "strained" between us, but we are a team; we are in this together; we are working towards a common goal.

We're gonna do it. Period.

Stay tuned - - I'll keep ya posted . . .

24 January 2006

Going To Hell In A Wheelbarrow . . .

. . . or at least that is how it seems sometimes!!

Okay - - it's been a LONG time since I posted anything, because I didn't feel like posting all the bad news lately. But here goes . . .

Contractors: One came in at a bid so high, he basically just bid himself right out of the running; one we really liked a lot withdrew his name from consideration because his schedule for this year is full; one came in at a bid that was MUCH lower than the first one, but STILL too damn high; one is visiting with us by the end of this week to present his bid; and one has not contacted us at all (which doesn't really upset me, because I didn't like him from the moment I met him!).

We have one more to talk to a second time - - a man Steve has known for many years, who builds houses for a living, and feels that we could be our own General Contractor and hire him to do the work. That would also save us money, but would be a HUGE investment in sweat equity. But it may be the way we need to go.

Location: We thought we had it all worked out - - we own the lot behind our house, and planned on building there. HOWEVER - - due to circunstances I do not care to explain in detail at this point, that is more than likely not going to happen. We are now in the process of talking to a realtor about lots in other locations, and have her looking at some in an area we both agree we like and wouldn't mind living in. That will then involve fixing up this house for sale, listing it and the lot (probably sell them separately), and then moving a lot farther than just the back yard! That also means I will lose the formal garden Jerry and I worked so hard on a couple of summers ago, and my street lamp from Taylorville Square, and all the landscaping I have done. We will be at Square One with the new place . . . *sigh*

But we will do whatever is needed to get through this. Steve and I have both agreed that the important thing is that we are in this TOGETHER. That it doesn't really matter that our plans have gone to Hell in a wheelbarrow, that we have to start from scratch and figure out all over again what we are doing and where - - we are TOGETHER, and that's what matters.

We can still use the house plans - - those are not lost. There may need to be a few modifications, depending on the lay of the lot we buy, but the overall plans are staying. Steve has put so much into this house - - planning, dreaming, lots and lots of thought. He says he has already cooked in the kitchen, eaten in the dining room, slept in the master bedroom, and sat in the hot tub in the sunporch!

You can't argue with that - - and I refuse to do anything or say anything that would kill that man's dream. OUR dream. I haven't gone as far in my mind as he has, but it's my home, too.

We'll get there. It's just not going very smoothly at the moment. But we WILL make it. TOGETHER.

That's how it should be.

Keep ya posted . . . . .