02 February 2008

Open House

Well, we have another Open House scheduled for tomorrow. I hope our agent gets a lot of people to come through . . . actually, I hope she just gets the RIGHT ONE to come through!

We went over today to make sure the house was ready to show. We brought the tractor and blade, because we knew the snow would need scooped out of the drive. We also brought the shovels to get the walkways cleared.

However, we were totally unprepared for what we saw when we pulled up to the house . . .

Apparently someone who had shown the house left the front storm door unlocked. When we got the 45-50 MPH winds this past week, it ripped the storm door glass right out of the metal frame, tore part of the metal frame completely off the door frame, tore part of the wood door frame away from the house wall, and just for good measure, took out the outside light fixture (which was hanging upside down by its wires).


The snow was so deep, we were not sure where the glass was all laying, and figured we would have to wait until the snow melted to find all the pieces. But as I was shoveling the front walk, I found the glass - - still inside its metal frame, and unbroken! Not even scratched!

We picked up the glass and moved it into the garage, and collected all the door parts we could find and put them in there also.

SO - -

Early tomorrow morning we are going to go over and take off the rest of the metal door frame, reattach the wood door frame to the house, and replace the outside light fixture with an extra we (luckily!) happen to have, and at least make it look decent for the Open House. That will give us a little time to see what we can do to get the door fixed and put back on.

I would love to find the agent who left that door unlocked and kick their ass!

Wish us luck on the showing - - the house has been on the market 13 months now, and we are damn sick and tired of dealing with it. The sooner it is sold, the better we will feel.