19 February 2007

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Dear Hubby heard from his work buddy this morning that he saw our realtor last night and stopped to talk to her. During the conversation, she mentioned to him that she had shown our house yesterday, and the people were going to look at it again today.

SO - - keep your eyes, ears, fingers and toes crossed . . . (yeah yeah, I know - - makes it kinda hard to walk or type, but hey . . . )

Keep ya posted . . .

08 February 2007

Got An Offer . . .

We got an offer on the house.

But we said "No, thank you".

Don't get me wrong - - we really appreciate the time you took to look over the house, and meet with our realtor, and make the offer.


BUT - - did you really expect us to come down $37,000 in price???

AND agree to a contingency that you sell your house first? When you don't even have your house listed yet??

Did you?

Like I said - - "No, thank you."

Oh well - - maybe we will have better luck next time . . .