23 November 2006

Moving Day Is Here!

Well, tomorrow is Moving Day.


I'm posting a quick note here before we get the computer all broken down and packed up. It may be awhile before we get things all set up and situated and I can post again. Maybe on my lunch hour or after work I can try to grab some computer time, but it's gonna be spotty at best until things get lined out.

Wish us luck!

18 November 2006

Painting, Painting, and MORE Painting . . .

My sister-in-law and I have spent quite a bit of time together today . . . Debbie came down and helped me paint the Living Room and the Master Bedroom.

Believe me, that was a LOT of painting! The Living Room is 14x30 feet, and the Master Bedroom is approximately 16x16 feet.


The Living Room was painted a nice rosy mauve color, which will go very well with all our furniture from the old house, which runs more towards the rose and burgundy colors. The Master Bedroom is now a very nice "Apple Blossom" color, kind of a rosy peach color, and will NOT go with any of my comforters or bedspreads. Oh well - - I've been ready for a change!

We met at the house around 9:00 a.m., and it was after dark when we were finally finished and she headed back home. I'm exhausted.

But the rooms look MAH-VELOUS - - SIMPLY MAH-VELOUS!

Thanks for all the help, Debbie! I appreciate you so much!

10 November 2006

It's Ours!!

The closing went very smoothly, and it's OVER and DONE - - and the house is now officially OURS!!


Now the real fun begins . . . *sigh*

Closing Day

Well, today is the day - - Dear Hubby and I need to be at the title company at 4:00 p.m. today.

It's gonna be a LONG day - -

09 November 2006

It's Getting Closer!

I drove by the new house today on my lunch hour. There was a BIG moving truck backed up in the driveway . . .

Oh wow - - it's really happening . . .

I'm nervous, scared, excited, and sick to my stomach all at the same time!

08 November 2006

MORE Painting

Dear Hubby and I took this afternoon off work - - to come home and work.

(What is wrong with this picture???)

We spent the afternoon trying to finish up some painting on the front of the house that needed finished - - barely got done, because of all the company we had . . . First was a company Steve had called to give us an estimate on replacing the guttering on the house. Then our Realtor stopped by for a walk-through of the house and the grounds. Then another company with another estimate for guttering. We barely got finished with the painting we needed to do before it got dark (stupid time change!) . . .

ANYWAY - - we need to just put primer on one last part of the front of the house, and then finish it up with the same color that is on the rest of the front.

I certainly hope we can get that done before the next cold spell - - after all, this IS Central Illinois, and it IS November . . .

Wish us luck!

06 November 2006


My whole body hurts.

We have been putting in LOTS of hours working in the yard (all kinds of LEAVES - - stupid trees!). We have raked, and mowed, and bagged, and sown grass seed, and spread hay over the new grass seed . . .

And that was just on Saturday.

Sunday was the day for painting outside trim on the house. Dear Hubby put up the brick molding around the new slider door, so we had to paint it to match the rest of the house trim. So, as long as we had the paint out, might as well touch up the rest of the trim, right?

So - - MANY HOURS LATER - - I'm tired, my legs are cramped from climbing up and down a ladder, my hand is cramped from hanging on to the paintbrush for so long, and I am COVERED in paint.

I'm NOT a neat painter - - not by any means!

Last night I had to take some extra-strength aspirin before bed, so the aches and pains wouldn't keep me awake all night. I'm taking LOTS MORE of it today . . .

But it will be worth in in the long run - - once the house is put on the market and is looking GOOD! :-)