10 October 2006

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part . . .

We met with Linda at 3:15 PM and decided on what we were going to offer for the house. It seems that there has also been another contract drawn up, and both contracts were going to be presented to the seller this afternoon. Dear Hubby and I discussed what we felt our "best offer" should be, because that is what it will take to attract the seller to our contract. Linda said she would contact us as soon as she knew anything.

About 9 PM the phone rang. It was Linda, telling us the seller had decided to work with our contract. HOWEVER, the seller had made a counter-offer higher than our bid.

Hubby went ballistic.*

He told Linda that she had counseled us to make our BEST offer right up front, and that is what we had done. He said the seller could accept our offer, or not, it made no difference to him. Our "best offer" was just that, and he was sticking with it.

He was pretty "incensed" . . .

Linda told us she would inform the seller's realtor of this and let us now when she heard anything more.

Around 9:30 PM the phone rang. It was Linda, saying the sellers wanted to think about it overnight. Steve said that was fine, that they could think for the next couple of days if they wanted to (told you he was "incensed!")

SO - - here we go with ANOTHER sleepless night - - and I have to go to work tomorrow . . . *sigh*

*There is a good reason why Dear Hubby reacted the way he did - - but that is a long story, and a post all its own. I'll have to post that one later - - right now I'm tired, and I'm going to bed.

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