06 November 2006


My whole body hurts.

We have been putting in LOTS of hours working in the yard (all kinds of LEAVES - - stupid trees!). We have raked, and mowed, and bagged, and sown grass seed, and spread hay over the new grass seed . . .

And that was just on Saturday.

Sunday was the day for painting outside trim on the house. Dear Hubby put up the brick molding around the new slider door, so we had to paint it to match the rest of the house trim. So, as long as we had the paint out, might as well touch up the rest of the trim, right?

So - - MANY HOURS LATER - - I'm tired, my legs are cramped from climbing up and down a ladder, my hand is cramped from hanging on to the paintbrush for so long, and I am COVERED in paint.

I'm NOT a neat painter - - not by any means!

Last night I had to take some extra-strength aspirin before bed, so the aches and pains wouldn't keep me awake all night. I'm taking LOTS MORE of it today . . .

But it will be worth in in the long run - - once the house is put on the market and is looking GOOD! :-)

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