08 November 2006

MORE Painting

Dear Hubby and I took this afternoon off work - - to come home and work.

(What is wrong with this picture???)

We spent the afternoon trying to finish up some painting on the front of the house that needed finished - - barely got done, because of all the company we had . . . First was a company Steve had called to give us an estimate on replacing the guttering on the house. Then our Realtor stopped by for a walk-through of the house and the grounds. Then another company with another estimate for guttering. We barely got finished with the painting we needed to do before it got dark (stupid time change!) . . .

ANYWAY - - we need to just put primer on one last part of the front of the house, and then finish it up with the same color that is on the rest of the front.

I certainly hope we can get that done before the next cold spell - - after all, this IS Central Illinois, and it IS November . . .

Wish us luck!

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