19 March 2006


Dear Hubby saw an open house in the paper in a neighborhood not far from where he grew up. It advertised a large ranch house, 2 big garages, and approximately 5 acres of land, part of it wooded. It was located right on the edge of town.

SO - - we decided to go have a look-see.

What a disappointment . . .

When we first pulled up, it looked pretty nice - - lots of trees, wooded area across the back of the lot, and big house and garages.

Then we really started looking things over.


The house was laid out okay, I guess - - but the trim and woodwork in the rooms did not match. I mean did not match even in the same room! The hardwood floors were in pretty sad shape and in need of a great deal of TLC.

In the "Master Suite" (yeah right) - - you could tell the previous tenants had a waterbed, because the subflooring was in the middle of the room, and the hardwood flooring had been laid up to the bed pedestal.


Can we say PATHETIC????

One thing we really did like, though, was the large sunporch on the back. It overlooked the back lot and the wooded area. The realtor told us that back in the trees was a natural salt spring, and the deer just flocked to it, and there were always deer around. Now that would be really cool - - sitting out on the sunporch, curled up in a big ol' comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and a kittycat or two, watching the deer walk through the treeline. *sigh*

We started to go out the side door, and was told it didn't work properly and needed to stay locked shut.

Ooooo - kayyyyyyy - -

SO we found another door to go out of, and decided to check out the yard and garages.

What a MESS!

The yard had all kinds of debris and broken yard sculpture laying around. It was really JUNKY.

Inside the first garage was no better - - they had all kinds of "stuff" crammed in there to the point that you could hardly walk around.

AND - - another "surprise" - - the realtor had mentioned to us to be careful walking around the garage, because there was about a one foot difference in the floor height between the 2 bays.

Excuse me??? WHY was there a one foot step down (or up, depending on which direction you were walking) between the bays?

Dear Hubby said it was probably to accommodate a taller vehicle.


Instead of putting YOURSELF and ANYONE ELSE in danger of falling and possibly breaking something when you or they land on a concrete floor (which is not known for its softness, by the way), why not (bright idea here) PUT IN A TALLER DOOR?????


Oh well - -

We went to the other garage, and it was locked up tight. No way of looking in that one. The realtor mentioned they had a lot of "junk" stored in it. (Like the first garage DIDN'T????)

So we walked around the yard some more, and the more we did, the more depressing it got. SO junky!!

NOW - - here's the GOOD part - -

The asking price for all this - - are you ready???

All this and more could be OURS - - ALL OURS - - for the low, low price of $189,000.

Yeah, you read that right.


If I were going to be asking that much "green" for MY house and MY property . . . you can be DAMN sure I would clean it up, and have the JUNK stored somewhere else (OFF SITE!), and have the FLOORING IN THE BEDROOM COMPLETED, and have the woodwork and trim in each room MATCH, and CLEAN UP THE DAMN YARD!

What are people thinking?????

It was a beautiful lot, and a GREAT location, but the house, garages, and grounds would have taken at least an additional $100,000 to bring it all up to specs!


Think we'll pass.

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