29 March 2006

Interesting Information

We had to have the furnace worked on today - - it was misfiring quite a bit, and we thought the igniter was going our again (it has happened a couple of times before). But fortunately it wasn't. Some of the jets were misfiring because they needed cleaning. So the Air King guy came out and gave the whole unti a good once-over, and it's working like a charm - - just in time for it to get up in the 70's today and we don't need it! But that's okay - - at least we know it's all in good shape.

While the HVAC guy was there, Dear Hubby talked with him about different types of systems for new home construction. We had been seriously looking at a geo-thermal system, which cost quite a bit more upfront, but was supposed to be so efficient and cost-effective that it would pay for itself in 3-5 years.

WELL - - seems like that is not quite the case . . .

The first thing the guy asked Steve was what kind of back-up system he planned on installing.

Back-up system??? What for?

THEN the guy told him that he, and anyone else he had talked with over the past few years, had to have a back-up system installed, because the geo-thermal system by itself could not keep up with the heating needs of a house. In fact, even though we have had a fairly mild winter with fairly mild temps, he had to constantly run his back-up system,. If he didn't, his house temperature would drop to the mid-50's!

Hmmmmm - - doesn't sound good to me.

AND - - in our area, there are only approximately 18 homes that have geo-thermal systems. NOW - - if they were so good, why don't more people consider them? Good food for thought.

So they discussed other HVAC systems, and the pros and cons of each.

Thanks to this guy, we have a LOT more information to store away for building time.

Thanks, Paul! And Thanks, Air King, for taking care of us one more time! :-)

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