23 March 2006

Lot Update

We met with our realtor for supper tonight, and had a great time! She is such a good, nice person, we have known her for many years, and we all have a great time together.

We gave her a reduced-down copy of our house plans, and asked her to please go back and talk to the folks who owned the Summit Street property, so that they would know who is interested in the lot, what we are intending to build, and give them some information about what kind of people we are (yes, we ARE good people - - a little bit loony sometimes, but harmless!)

I can understand how they might feel - - they do not know us, or anything about us, and I would abe just as uneasy as they are about selling to someone sight unseen and maybe get stuck with the worst neighbors in the world.

We also talked with her about another addition right on the south edge of town. There are 26 acres available, and they are wanting to split it and sell lots. It's not too far from the property we looked at last weekend, and it's nice property. Some wooded areas to it, lots of deer to see, and it not only fairly private and quiet, but it's close enough to town to get to everything we need to easily.

SO - - things are looking up a little - - even though we will not be building now until NEXT Spring, at least we are still on the way . . . .

Keep ya posted . . .

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