26 May 2007


There was a realtor who showed our house a week or so ago.

The feedback she gave to our realtor is not to be believed . . .

She said her people were really surprised - - they expected it to be a ranch house, like it is advertised to be, and did not expect it to have steps.

Excuse me?

The house has ONE step. ONE. STEP.

Down from the living room into the sunken family room.

Actually, I'm lying - - it has TWO steps. One step on each side of the fireplace, from the living room to the sunken family room.

Each step has a banister.

And this makes it NOT a ranch????


The house we live in now is a brick RANCH house. And it has a LOT more steps than our other house does.

Some people just refuse to be pleased about anything . . .

Oh well . . .

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