05 May 2007

Maybe "Third Time's the Charm"????

We have another Open House scheduled for tomorrow.

Dear Hubby and I were over Thursday evening. He did the mowing, fixed a loose shingle on the garage roof, and replaced a valve in the bathroom.

I "spiffed up" the place - - dusting, vacuuming, Windexing, and general prettying it up so that it will show well.

Keep you fingers crossed that the right person will walk in, fall in love with it, and not be able to live without it, and it will be sold.

Hey - - it can happen! That's what happened with us when we walked in THIS house! The very first step I took in this house, I felt like I had finally arrived home, and wanted to stay and never leave.

So I have faith, and high hopes. Our other house is a nice one, and will make someone a wonderful home.

I just hope that "someone" sees it tomorrow . . .

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