16 October 2005


Well - - of the five contractors hubby Steve called, four of them returned the calls, and appointments have been set up. Not bad!

We met with the first one, Mark, Saturday morning at 9:00. I was leaving to head to Peoria with some friends at 9:30, but this gave me a chance to meet him and form my own opinion of him. Once I left, he and Steve had an opportunity to go out and check the lot, and finish talking about the drawings.

Sunday at 9:00 we met with Jack at his shop. We took him a copy of the drawings and spent quite a bit of time going over them and discussing things.

Two down, two to go - - we meet with them this coming week, one Tuesday evening, and one on Wednesday.

If the other two are as good as the first two we have met with, we are going to have a serious problem choosing - - but that's a good problem to have!

Stay tuned . . .

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