12 October 2005


At last - - some progress to report!

Hubby Steve picked up the sets of drawings he ordered yesterday from Decatur Blueprint. We now have 7 sets of drawings for when we start talking to builders.

So this evening he's been running around the house with the tape measure - - terrorizing me and the cats with it, taking measurements from the drawing and comparing them to the space we have in our present house. Every time he winds up that tape, Callie, who is on my lap, digs in for all she's worth. My leg is going to leak like a sieve before he's through . . . *sigh*

Now comes the "fun" part - - calling general contractors.

Hubby Steve started that process this afternoon. He's already called 3 or 4 and left messages. One called back within about 5 minutes! We have a meeting set up with him for next week. Hopefully the others will call by the end of this week and we can start scheduling time to meet with them also.

The race is on . . .

More later - - stay tuned . . . :-)

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