28 July 2008


You know, I just looked at my previous post, and it just all of a sudden hit me how SICK and TIRED I am of having to still be going over to this house and clean, vacuum, do yard work, etc., and this has dragged on and on and on . . . for 19 months now!

This is a very nice house. It is well-maintained, lots of updates, HUGE garage, beautiful yard, a very good neighborhood with wonderful neighbors - - and for some damn reason, it just will not sell.

It's a very nice house, but it needs to be a home. It needs someone living there to love it. It's lonely. It needs someone.

I know this may sound all crazy and stuff, but I'm serious. The past few months, whenever I walk in the house, I get such a sense of loneliness - - I don't care what you may think of my ramblings here - - I am SENSING this! That house is lonely, and it needs people inside it to love it and take care of it.

I never loved the house - - I lived there for 12 years, and I know it's a good house, but I never LOVED it. Steve liked living there well enough, but he didn't LOVE it either. But, we did our best to make it nice, and well-maintained, and made it a very nice home.

But, we always knew that there was another place for us, a place that we would LOVE, and that we would be totally happy in, knowing that this is where we belonged. We found that in our present home.

Now it's time for THIS house to be happy, with people inside who love it and who know that this is where they belong.

I hope it happens soon.

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