29 January 2006

Another Disappointment . . .

We had the next contractor come by with his bid Saturday morning . . .

and it was even higher than the first too-high bid we got!

Y'know - - if this house was a big fancy thing with lots of roof cutaways and house angles and lots of other high-end stuff, I could understand some of these prices we have been quoted.

But it's a straight ranch house. With a straight roof.

No cut-aways, no angles, no fancy "stuff" anywhere - -

It's a BOX with a ROOF on it, for God's sake!!!!!

I can NOT believe that these people expect us to want to even CONSIDER paying over $350,000 for a 2700 sq. ft. BOX with a ROOF on it!!

They are on drugs - - they MUST be - - that's the only explanation I can think of . . . *sigh*

And then they sit there and tell us that the housing construction market in Central Illinois is so slow - -




Okay - - I've vented - - I feel better - -

Not really, but I'll keep telling myself that until it's true! *laugh*

However - - on a GOOD note - -

Dear Hubby Steve met with our realtor Saturday morning and took her around the area we have been checking out for lots. She now has a very clear idea what we are looking for, AND - - she does have a lead on a contact for one of the lots. So y'all keep your fingers crossed - - once we get the lot, we can move forward with some other things.

ALSO - - Steve called his long-time house-builder friend this evening and left a message for him to call us. It looks as if we are going to have to implement "PLAN B" - - buying a different lot and selling our current house and extra lot, AND "PLAN C" - - being our own General Contractor.

Sure, it would be much easier to pay someone else to do that for us, but we see how THAT is playing out. So even though this way means much more "sweat equity" on our part, in the long run it will be worth it.

Steve and I can do it - - we actually CAN work together on a big project and not want to kill each other! I know that sounds too good to be true, but it is.

I'm not saying there won't be times that things will be a bit "strained" between us, but we are a team; we are in this together; we are working towards a common goal.

We're gonna do it. Period.

Stay tuned - - I'll keep ya posted . . .

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